Wind and Wine Croatia - a new way to vacation!

Dear friends, colleagues and wine enthusiasts:

As many of you know, selling wine globally—whether to airlines, restaurants, hotels, or retailers—has been my passion and career for many years now. What I’ve learned during this time is that people don’t buy wine just to buy wine; they buy it for the love of it—for that special significance wine lends an occasion and for the ambiance it creates.

That knowledge and a serendipitous meeting with a Croatian skipper has led me down a new career path—that of business owner. In the summer of 2017, my love of wine and sailing brought me to be on a sailboat in the middle of the Adriatic, where I met Pale. A skipper whose vision, values, focus, and dedication are so similar to my own, Pale and I quickly became friends and ultimately business partners.

And so Wind & Wine Croatia was born.

Our mission is to provide travelers a unique experience discovering the natural beauty of the Dalmatian islands through wind and wine, as we explore the abundant and thriving wine regions of Croatia. And to do so while providing high-quality accommodations, exemplary customer service and an elevated experience unmatched anywhere else.

I invite you to find out more—and be inspired!—by visiting And, of course, I look forward to hosting you this summer as we sip and sail through the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia!

Cheers! Or as they say in Croatian -- Živjeli!

Lizann Grupalo Co-Founder & Wine Director



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